Myanmar 11.10.13 The Lord’s Day (Bruce)

The Lord’s Day in Myanmar
The Lord’s day here in Myanmar has been very good.  We had two good services with at least four people who indicated that they were interested in knowing more about becoming Christians.  That’s interesting here.  There is a certain segment of the population here that are called “nominal Christians.”  They, like multitudes in America, name Christianity only as their family religion.  They know nothing of the gospel or the new birth experience.  Basically, it means they are not Buddhist.   When they indicate in a service that they wish to know more or request prayer this means they are aware that they are not ok the way they are now.
One of the young girls who was very attracted to Grace this week comes from a Buddhist background, but has made a profession of faith.  We are still not sure if she has been genuinely converted to Christ.  She raised her hand again today stating that she needed to be saved.  The pastor here is going to meet with all of them this week to talk with them further.
Today, we also were able to meet Siama’s dad who pastors in the Chin district to the north.  He has invited us to hold a class next year in October after the class in Yangon is over.  Please pray that God would fully open this door to this district.  It is the most populated district in terms of born-again believers in the country outside of the Karen dialect.  There are at least sixty pastors here who possibly would come for training if we would hold a class next year.

We had lunch together after church, and the lunch was as American as we might hope for here.  We had a sort of chicken, fried potatoes, cooked vegetables, rice, Burmese cabbage soup and then bananas and dragon fruit for dessert.  Grace tells me we won’t be having rice any time soon when we get home!

Tomorrow we have been invited to speak at the Yangon Bible College.  It is an associated ministry with the Ebenezer-Yangon Biblical Baptist Church of Yangon, Myanmar.  Many churches have what they call a Bible College (in addition to a childrens’ home).  In reality, it is more like a Bible institute with 10 to 15 students.  Some of the students from this church/institute have attended our classes both years but many cannot attend because of the distance and cost of travel.   It is a great opportunity to impact the young Bible College students there and open more doors for Global Baptist Training Foundation.

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