Myanmar 11.9.13 Friday Graduation

Friday Class and Graduation!

Well, today marks the end of our class time here in Yangon. Grace and I are both exhausted so I know the men and women must be spent as well. Our men’s class had seven graduates and two men who attended most of the classes and quizzes. Unfortunately, without completion of two quizzes these two men went home without a certificate. But, they did go home with a copy of the notes and a lot of their own class experience which will hopefully serve them well. This morning we had a combined class by request of Pastor Siama. He wanted me to lecture for about an hour on the Charismatic movement, the gifts of the Spirit, and so forth. There is a lot of confusion in the entire province about the cessationist viewpoint. The Bible college on Monday requested the same lecture, so I guess we will have a primer today. I am amazed at the desire of these Christians to learn doctrine. They realize how important it is to be grounded, so grounding them is a real pleasure! We shortened lunch today to get ready for graduation.

Pastor Siama has to grade all of today’s quizzes, add the grades to students’ totals and then we needed to get the appropriate certificates ready for the service. The service was about an hour long, and Grace and I even included a duet. Neither of us sing as much as we used to so we always just hope it sounds good! You never know these days. After the service, we took time for pictures and conversation before many of the men had to depart for their homes. Some of them had a long way to go so we had to say goodbye until next year. We have already scheduled next year’s class for early October.

Next year we will be including a second week of teaching in the Chin district to the north. It is a two hour plane ride. We will have access to about 60 pastors who we hope to be able to give the first level of training. Pray for us as we finish making these plans for October! We are taking the day off today (Saturday) and are resting up for the Sunday service. Please pray that we would have great spiritual results from the preaching and teaching.

God bless you all, Bruce

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