Myanmar 2013 Unexpected Blessings

I have had between 12 and 15 women in my first two days of teaching.  The numbers will continue to grow throughout the week.  The same is true of the men’s class.  What is unexpected is that both Bruce and I have a couple of unsaved people who have showed up for the classes.  They had heard about the teaching, and they came to listen.  The two women admitted, during our introduction time at the beginning of Tuesday’s class, that they are “investigating” Christianity.  This is common for Buddhists.  It is actually the first step toward salvation for many of them.  One of the women in my class has two small children.  This is a hindrance to her.  Even though they children are unbelievably well-behaved, she is afraid they will interrupt others.  Her husband is a sailor in the Myanmar Navy, and is away all but one or two days per month.  Please pray for her.  I am attaching a picture of her and her babies.

I am bringing out the gospel as often as I possibly can in light of these women.  It isn’t difficult!!  We are studying women of the Bible.  In yesterday’s verse-by-verse study of the book of Ruth, Christ is seen continually through Boaz, the kinsman-redeemer.  I had New Testament Scriptures to illustrate this, and I pray for the Holy Spirit to use His Word as only He can!

We are a little tired, and I am struggling with the food, but otherwise, we are overflowing with the blessing of this amazing ministry!!

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