Rwandan Pastors

Pastor Mpakaniye Boniface

He is from the South province and pastors the South Province Baptist Church.  He has been here for about 2 years. He previously led the Mwendo Baptist Church in the village of Mwendo for four years.  His entire family and extended family fled to the Congo during the genocide of 1994 and were spared from the carnage.  He told us that he is extremely thankful for this blessing.


Pastor Nkomeje Viateur is a Rwandan pastor of 14 years at the Mukoma Parich Baptist Church in Mukoma, Rwanda.  He is a second generation Baptist pastor.  His dad, now deceased was also a pastor here in Rwanda.

Pastor Nkomeje is thankful that his entire family survived through the 1994 genocide.  He lost no one in his immediate or extended family.  His church has over 500 members and is about 25 miles outside of Kilgali, and he has stayed on the compound each night away from his ministry and family in order to take this class.  His spirit is infectious and you can tell by the picture that he is a happy man and is enjoying life!

Pastor Ndabalishye Pierre is from the Nyaruguru district and is the pastor of Bigugu Baptist Church. He has been there for about five years.  He shared with me that his family was very fortunate to have been spared during the genocide of 1994.  As with most of the pastors the genocide was indiscriminate in its effects.  Some were spared and some were not.  If you were from the Tutsi tribe in Rwanda, the likelihood of death during the three months of genocide in Rwanda was great. As many as a million Tutsis were brutally murdered during this time.  Pastor Pierre has a wife and 6 children.

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