have just gotten back from the classroom and wanted to tell you all about the first two days of our new Liberian classroom. I hope the pictures do it justice. We were slated to have about fifty pastors on our first day, but I think the last count was over sixty by today. We ran out of syllabus copies and also class shirts. They even made me one! I try to never disappoint my students, so I wore it proudly!

The meeting place is only about a mile from the hotel (certainly not the Hyatt). It’s pretty much off-roading up to the meeting location, which is a Baptist camp which they use for a health clinic and a training location for physicians’ assistant training, etc. The building we are in has no electricity in which to plug in fans, so it has been pretty hot all day. The locals can take it, but we don’t fare so well. But, at the end of the second day, I am more convinced than ever that God opened this door wide for training Liberians for the ministry. They are so enthusiastic and thankful!

Our host was recommended to GBTF by a Liberian national in the states, and he strongly wants the training we offer for all the pastors. Dr. Greg Dixon is teaching church planting for an hour after lunch each day this week, and he was off to a great start today. I believe that he and his organization will sponsor several pastors here to start churches in the near future. The goal is thirty over the next few years. At that rate, Liberia will be an African training center for many years to come. GBTF wants to establish long-term training sites in all of the six nations where we now operate, AND we will be expanding into other nations as well.
Please check out today’s videos and pictures and give some feedback. We love to hear from you and all of our coffee club members! Keep praying!

Global Baptist Training Foundation

Please take time to view some video of the first two days of classes in Liberia:

Receiving Class Materials:
Dr. Bruce Snavely Teaching in Liberia:
Liberia Worship:
Liberian Choir:
Dr. Greg Dixon teaching in Liberia:
Pastors Singing to Begin Classes 2017:

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