Today was an incredible day in our Liberia classroom. We had a great day in the classroom, and then this afternoon we drove nearly an hour into the bush from Gbarnga and had a service. If you have ever tried to picture an authentic African bush village, that is where we were tonight. The drive was difficult and very much an off-roading experience there and back. Once we arrived, they showed us around the village, and then finally we gathered under a few trees where they had some bamboo benches and chairs for guests. They served us their locally grown brown rice and Kasava leaf with chicken. They also served us local papaya and pineapple.

Then they started singing. It was different than I have ever heard in Africa. First of all, I don’t think I have ever been this deep in the bush, so that is likely why it sounded so different. The local dialect was very melodic and strange to us at first, but like everything else in Africa, you simply begin getting used to it without even thinking about it. We have several pictures of this amazing event.
I was asked to give a message, so I preached from Mark 5 for about 40 minutes on the story of Jairus. The people were so attentive and so appreciative of God’s Word. I don’t know that I have ever had a more attentive audience. The translator was very good and attentive.

We had to leave right after to head up the road to the next village where a new church plant is going to begin this year. We walked past several grass roofed huts and open cooking fires to a place where we announced the meeting. Pastor Greg Dixon told them tonight that they will be the first Liberian church plant, and they clapped and cheered like they were at a football game. It was thrilling to see such enthusiasm for the Lord’s work. We prayed with all of those who came to the village meeting. Surprisingly, there were several young people who said they wanted to be there for the first service. By the time we left it was dark, and we made our way back to the truck and headed back.

Incredibly, tomorrow we finish the classroom and will graduate our first Liberian students! This has been a very good week in West Africa!

Bruce Snavely
Global Baptist Training Foundation


Panorama of an African Bush Village:

Driving into the Bush:

Children Singing in the African Bush:

Singing in the Bush:

More Singing in the Bush:

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