What can I say? God has been so gracious to us this week! Today we had 61 graduates receive their certificates of completion for the course of Interpretation of Scripture. I think the pictures tell the whole story of the joy of these pastors. They have sought more than any other group for us to return twice a year in order to finish their training faster. I want to encourage all of the followers of the foundation to pray that this becomes reality.

Our host, Pastor James Togba, has told us that we can expect 100 or more next time. There have been a few classrooms where I thought this would be the case, but it didn’t materialize. I think this class will be an exception to that rule. Pastor Togba has been an incredible host all week. Phillip, his right hand man, has also been incredible in making things run smoothly. I am thankful for men, with whom God has linked our ministry, who have integrity and genuine love for Jesus. It seems that wherever we are in the world, we have been given Godly and gifted hosts who undertake for the foundation to better do its job of training pastors. What a privilege to serve with people like this.

Praise God for His goodness and grace! Together we are helping the spread of God’s work around the world!

Bruce Snavely
Global Baptist Training Foundation

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