3/18/2015 – Ebenezer Biblical Baptist Graduation

Driving over to the teaching site across town this morning was not just another day. It actually was the best day so far because today we graduated just under sixty men and women from another extensive course of theology from Global Baptist Training Foundation! That may sound mundane to a lot of modern ears, but it’s really music to ours. Remember, They must attend about 45 hours of classes and take and pass four quizzes over the class content. They then leave the course with the a copy of the class materials translated into their language and our admonition to use it to teach others.

Today as we got out of the car at the compound, I noticed that one of the two pigs which was helping create some of the stench in the hot afternoons was in the process of becoming a feast for the church family and school tonight for dinner. I wouldn’t get a chance to share it with them, but is does point out the sense of accomplishment they felt in completing their course of study today. They killed the fatted (or not so fatted) pig in celebration. [Note from Grace: I sent this picture earlier as a street vendor, Sorry for the miscommunication. I will repost the pictures here in their proper context!]

This was a very good good class, in fact the best so far. All of the quiz grades were 70 or better. The majority of the pastoral students and trainees averaged 90 on all four exams. It was wonderful to see such an effort being made and subsequently great results.

On the ride back to the hotel this afternoon, I took a big sigh and began to realize just how tired I was! Between the jet lag, spotty sleep patterns, and a busy schedule both at class and here at the hotel, I am excited about sleeping on Saturday and getting some down time. I will preach Sunday at Biblical Baptist Church for Dr. Mung, and then prepare to leave around 5:00 am Monday morning for the airport for travel up north.

Pray for this second week. It holds a lot of promise as a great teaching site for nearly sixty pastors and church leaders in this remote area. We are assured that once we have passed the credibility test here, we will build some wonderful classes in this strategic area in the future.

Bruce from Yangon

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