3/19/2015 – Sing

I want to tell you perhaps the most amazing story that has come out of Global Baptist Training Foundation. You may remember that when we began GBTF, we chose to live near family in Florida when we are in the US. Down the street from our home is a Publix grocery store, and in that store is a sushi shop. The independent owner of that sushi shop is Sing, a young man from Myanmar. Sing left home when he was 16 because there is very little future for young people in his country. Because he left as a refugee, he is unable to return home to see his family and has not seen them in 8 years. He has and continues to work very hard, sending money home to his family in a remote village in Myanmar.

We were told about Sing by friends who knew of our annual travels to Myanmar, so we introduced ourselves. We have had Sing in our home for meals several times, he has done a private sushi party for our family, and he has even taken us out to dinner. He told us his family is Christian (which, in Myanmar, means you are not Buddhist). But we have found out that his family are born again believers, attend a Baptist church, and had been praying for Sing. They prayed for Christians to come into his life. Last fall, Sing was in a terrible car accident and probably should have died. But he didn’t. God has used that incident to bring this young man to Himself.

Last year, Bruce was asked by our host pastor’s father to travel to his town and teach. So, this week Bruce is in Kalemyo, a very remote area of Myanmar. Guess who else lives in Kalemyo? Sing’s family. Last night, they came to Bruce’s hotel to meet him, thank him, and bring gifts. Tonight, he is their guest for dinner. Their son is all the way on the other side of the world just down the street from our home in Florida. Only God can work like this!!

As a post script to this amazing and very sweet story, Sing has told us that there are 14 young people in our area from Myanmar. They are all believers and meet together every week for Bible study and prayer. We are invited to their meeting when Bruce returns. Also, the man in a burgundy longhi is the pastor of Sing’s family’s church. He came along as the translator since none of Sing’s family speaks English. He has asked Bruce to open yet another class in this northern Myanmar area.

Grace Snavely, MEd

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