07/25/2017 – Rwanda Follow-up

We always take some time to reflect when we return from one of our global classrooms.  We would like to share some of our afterthoughts about Rwanda!
While our primary mission is to train pastors, and our primary resources support this mission, we also believe in training pastors’ wives.  And the next tier is the training of the next generation of leaders in each nation.   In Rwanda, we look forward to the years when we can be part of a youth conference.   In 2018, we will again be participating. This year, the churches in Rwanda have had some huge financial setbacks (fire, legal costs, etc).  The youth conference is underfunded for 2017.  Bosco, who coordinates youth events, has asked us to seek some funding for their youth congress.  We are including a video of one of the youth choirs to show you the quality of future leaders in this Central African nation.  If the Lord touches your heart to help with this need, just designate the amount you wish to go toward Rwanda Youth Congress!
The pastors and pastors’ wives are incredibly thankful for the training they are receiving!   We have several videos of thanks.  We will send links to all of them at the end of this email. But here is a link from Pastor Fidele. He is our host in Kigali and our translator as well.   We love this young man and are looking forward as he begins to train others using GBTF materials.
One of Grace’s favorite memories of Rwanda occurred two years ago.  Pastor Francois and his wife, Ruthie, are both our students.  We were in their church one weekend and they included us in the naming ceremony for their new granddaughter. They named her Grace!   This year, we were able to see an almost two year old Grace and spend time with her. We look forward to watching her grow into a Godly woman!
Women Say Thank You
Rwandan Choir
Pastor Francois Testimony
Pastor Viette Tesitmony
Pastors Singing
Ready for Class
Hope you enjoy our memories!  You are part of a great global ministry!!
Bruce and Grace Snavely

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