05/08/2019 Thank You!

One of the things that we get to see all over the world is how thankful the national pastors are for the education that Global Baptist Training Foundation is bringing to them.  We often try to tell you about the thankful spirits with which these pastors and pastors’ wives receive training from GBTF professors.

The pastors in Togo recently sent a letter of thanks that we believe will show you just how thankful these national pastors are.  They speak French in Togo, but this letter has been translated into English:


Dear Doctor Bruce,
By this note, all the participant preachers of this precious training want to say a big thank you from the depth of our heart.  You cannot imagine to which extent we are grateful that Lord led you here to Togo. Your Organization has blessed us through years and again this year your teaching have been a priceless blessing to us.  Moreover we got to know Pastor Dixon and his blessed Organization through you, we are really grateful and we thought a minute on how we can demonstrate our joy and love to you then we found out that we can give you this symbolic gift, it cannot be comparable to what you represent to us, and you are a real godlike gift. 
Beyond all, may the Lord Jesus our Savior bless you abundantly for all visions and the projects you have for our beloved land Togo. The statistic proves that all the combined Evangelic Christians only holds 9% of the population of Togo.   This shows definitely our country needs to be invaded with the Gospel.  We salute with all our heart this program of Advanced Global brought by Pastor Dixon here in Togo. Our main challenge here in Togo in the ministry is the problem of land.  Embracing your vision for churches planting especially supporting the church planters and teaching these theology courses freely, we will keep praying God to open more doors and provide for you for the other visions you may have like plot purchasing and building construction. We want to assure you that you are sowing on the right land and we are ready for the expansion of the Gospel as desired by the Lord 
May God bless you, your wife, and your children without forgetting your home church. As written in the book of Hebrews 6:10 we want to assure you again that “for God is not unrighteous, so as to forget your work and the labor of love which you showed toward His name, in that you served to the saints, and still do serve them.”
Sending Love and hugs to your family….
Signed by All the Preachers


It is humbling to see just how much these national pastors need and appreciate the training.   They also love the church planting aspect of our ministry that has begun in partnership with ADVANCE.   Remember that in Liberia alone, our pastors have started 76 new church in the past 16 months.  More churches have begun in Myanmar.  Many, many more will be started in the near future.

We are impacting entire nations for Christ.  We just wanted to share this with you today.  Thank you for investing in the gospel around the world through training and church planting.


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