08/24/2019 Countdown to Liberia

It is now just two weeks until our classes begin in Liberia.  And there is something new!  A brand new class!  While the existing class will continue, a new class is starting with an entirely new group of pastors, many of them new church planters!  In just 18 months, we have seen over 100 new churches begun in Liberia alone.  Our partnership with Greg Dixon and ADVANCE has been the most fruitful we could have ever imagined!  Our burden is for training these pastors, Pastor Dixon’s is for planting new churches!   What a great partnership!   The goal is 500 new churches by 2021 in this West African nation. Be looking for updates on both of these Liberian classes!
The other excitement about the Liberia classes is that Shinga Fidele, our new Eastern African trainer, will be flying to meet Bruce in Liberia.  Fidele will be observing the first week, and team teaching the second week!  Because Liberia is English speaking (the only English speaking nation where GBTF operates), Bruce will be able to evaluate Fidele’s teaching effectively.   God has provided Fidele’s travel costs AND his visa has already been issued.  Pray for this exciting development in training nationals in Africa!!!
We have just completed an incredible month of travel for GBTF along the east coast of the United States. We were encouraged, blessed, and motivated by our amazing home church and many others!
We were saddened by the loss of a long-time faithful supporter of GBTF’s mission. Gail Rennie is now with Jesus, but her legacy certainly lives on!  Please pray for her husband and family!

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