09/19/2019 Third Liberian Classroom Location

We are progressing nicely in this our third Liberian classroom. It is an area quite different from Monrovia or Gbarnga. Here near this major port city, the ravages of the civil war are still very visible. Because of the systemic corruption the country continues to live under, everything remains in total disrepair and in poverty. Corruption either corrupts the individual or it makes those with integrity lose hope in any kind of a different future.

The current president is totally inept and also totally corrupted. He has literally done nothing for the country since taking office. His campaign promises were made mostly to young people who admired him as a former soccer star. Those promises remain unfulfilled. He is a playboy who cares nothing for the country and for the millions who long for change. It is one of the saddest countries I have been in, on par with Haiti and the Congo.

The pastors are excited about learning and appear committed to becoming change agents in their own spheres. I told them today that change begins in the house of God. The salt has to become salty in order for it to be useful. They know that it has to begin with the people of God praying and working together to reach their world. Pray that our half day will challenge these pastors for eternity.

Below are pictures of Fidele as he, for the first time, taught alongside of me. He did a great job, and the Liberian pastors responded extremely well to him! GBTF will soon be all over Eastern Africa!

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