10/19/2019 Rwanda Graduation October 2019

Our October classroom in Rwanda is completed!  As we watched our 52 pastors graduate today from two more courses, I realized just how close they are to completing Level Two in their training.  Just three more classes and they will have over fourteen subjects in their respective academic portfolios!  This is an amazing accomplishment for them considering that when they were chosen to pastor their churches twenty-five years ago (in 1994 as a result of the genocide massacre) they had no training at all.  Their future would likely never have been much different unless our paths had crossed in 2012.

Today was another joyous day for the pastors as they received their certificates of completion for New Testament Survey and Homiletics II.  They have to work hard over the course of a week to complete the courses.  They don’t realize how hard their professors have to work to get them through the work!  No, in fact they do realize it because after every class is done they offer profuse thanks for what they have had inculcated into their minds and eventual ministries.  For most of them, their ministries don’t look like anything like they did seven years ago.  They have matured along with their newly trained pastors.  What a joy to see this transformation right before your eyes!

I want to thank our class sponsors for our Rwandan class!  Although your remain unknown to our followers and readers, you are not unknown to us.  We cannot thank you enough for your sacrificial gifts to make this twice a year training possible in the heart of Africa.  May God continue to bless and enable you to continue moving and multiplying the gospel forward in Africa with GBTF!

Larry and I will take our hosts to dinner tonight and spend some precious moments with them before spending our last night.  Early in the morning we will head to the airport to fly to Uganda for our week of class with our student pastors there.  Pray for us that God will graciously bless all the efforts and give results for His purposes far beyond our comprehension.  Tonight we will sleep knowing that the rest is in God’s hands and the hearts of our pastors.

To God be the Glory


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