10/23/2019 Hump Day in Uganda

The transition to the Ugandan classroom here in Entebbe has been fairly smooth.  The pastors are enjoying the classes and working hard to keep up with the demands of both.  This year we have nearly the full complement of pastors present but a few were not able to be here. One of them is a teacher who could not come because of exams, but other teachers were able to come.  We are thankful for all of them.

The rainy season is here and it has rained several times both here and while in Rwanda.  The rain beating on the metal roofing they use can make it almost impossible to hear anything!  Despite these issues we have been able to get the job done.  Today is our hump day in Uganda and the men are full swing.  The sun is shining, the wild life around here is noisy, and all is well.

This particular property of our hosts the Daniels,  is overrun with monkeys.  These guys are literally robbing the fruit trees and vegetable gardens blind!  Sunday, while everyone is gone to church they come and envelop the place.  They are like the proverbial locusts which eat everything in sight.  Well, yesterday we caught one in a trap and put him in timeout in the presence of all his watching friends!  I really doubt his incarceration will reduce crime here.  They will likely let him go before the weekend so he can rejoin his thieving comrades!

Despite the monkey shenanigans, the classrooms are moving forward toward graduation Friday.  Pray for Dr. Bazer and me if you would that we stay as healthy as possible.  Larry has been under the weather and taking medicine.  Sickness while traveling and working hard is hardly compatible!  Thanks for remembering to pray for him.



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