01/11/2020 Liberia 2020 class #1 Graduation

On Friday afternoon we saw 71 pastors and 1 pastor’s wife receive their certificates for finishing the coursework in Pastoral Leadership and Church AdminIstration.  This had been a requested course, so it was well received and, consequently, the work level was heightened.  The total number of participants was about 80, so the success rate was high.

The secondary, yet key, component of this week’s course was the meetings held for the regional trainers.  We will only train this particular classroom a limited number of times beyond this year, so it is now important for the trainers and the other pastors to work hard at reproducing themselves.  In March we anticipate opening a new classroom in the southeast by the Ivory Coast, and then in a year or so opening the Ivory Coast to the GBTF.  I am anticipating that we will eventually impact the entirety of West Africa within the decade as the Lord directs our steps.  Because of our partnership with Advance church planting ministries in cooperation with our training ministry we are greatly encouraged at what God is doing in Africa and around the world.
Thank you to all of our supporters both prayer and financial and let me encourage you to share this ministry with your friends who love missions and the moving and multiplication of the gospel!!
Heading home tonight.
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