10/26/2019 Uganda Graduation October 2019

Today in Entebbe, Uganda, Global Baptist Training Foundation had the privilege of completing its fifth classroom with 26 pastors from the four corners of this state known as the “Pearl of Africa.”

What a joy to experience what these pastors feel as they work toward the completion of Level One of their theological studies.  This week has been an arduous week of study and writing in their academic journey.  It never gets old watching them work and then celebrate their personal accomplishments.  The one reminder they constantly hear is that they are now responsible for multiplying what they receive in the lives of other faithful men and women.  They know that unless it is multiplied the harvest will be limited.

As Larry and I prepare to take our final meal with Naboth our host today, we are reminded that these weeks of study are some of these servant’s most memorable yearly occasions.  I was reminded of that today after the graduation picture when several of them approached me to say how they were already anticipating the next class in July of 2020!  Pray for these precious ministers of the gospel of Christ.  They serve in obscurity, but their service to the KIng is hardly unknown to Him.  One day their presently unknown sacrifices will be publicly rewarded by the King Himself while we look on in wonder around the throne.

Looking forward to seeing our wives and home,


UPDATE:  Bruce and Larry landed in Orlando about 10:30 am on Saturday morning!  Thank you for praying!



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