11/15/2019 Graduation in Mexico

Our second week of classes in southern Mexico is now complete.   We had about 40 pastors, but only 27 completed the required assignments to receive a completion certificate.  This group of pastors is comprised almost completely of bi-vocational men. This means they work a full-time job in addition to their ministry obligations.   For this reason, our class started at 3:00 each day.  The pastors who did not complete the course assignments, but were present all week, have the opportunity to complete the work and get the certificate within the next couple of weeks.  We are praying that all who attended will be able to finish strongly.

The long-term outlook for the Istmo class is to hold training twice a year.  Our host, Pastor Orlando, believes the class will double in size by the next class.  What this means for the evangelization of this part of Mexico is incalculable.  Please pray with us for the funding to add this Mexico training twice a year.

We return home tomorrow morning for a much-needed rest.  Our entire family will be together for Thanksgiving, and we are more than thrilled to be with them all!



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