All the Way Home

Home may appear to be infinitely far away—perhaps impossible to find. This is a story about a little boy who once thought that. From an idyllic background as a wealthy doctor’s son, he became a ward of the state, tossed from one home to another in the foster care system. Disenfranchised from his father’s will and separated from his brother and sister, he found that the harder he fought to reclaim his family, the further away his hope drifted. One day it was gone.

Much of what we read about broken homes and lives suggests hopeless futures and early graves. Here is one story with an ending reminding us that there is hope for those who think that God has abandoned them. On the contrary, God can indeed lead us….All the Way Home.

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The Second Reformation: Baptists in Colonial America [Paperback]

Whatever happened to the Christian Reformation which began under Martin Luther? When did it end? Or better yet, where did it end? Some would say in Puritan England. Others would argue that its terminus ad quem was in the failed Puritan experiment in Colonial New England. But the actual answer lies in the aftermath of the Great Awakening when the Congregational system gave up thousands of people to genuine conversion and a search for a biblical church and, ultimately, the exponential growth of the Baptist denomination. "If the separation of Church and State has provided the healthy environment out of which American Evangelicalism has developed and thrived, then this volume provides essential reading as to an important part of the story." - John Briggs, Senior Research Fellow in Church History at Regent's Park College, Oxford University.

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