GBTF Interior Haiti Class

Our GBTF Interior Haiti class ended today, and I am very happy with the results. A very challenging week resulted in 37 graduates from Interpretation of Scripture. Beside the teaching, I was also able to preach twice for the church hosting the classroom. The best part was graduation today. I was pleasantly surprised to see the heartfelt gratitude and unfettered love of these impoverished pastors and women. I was a little overwhelmed by their gracious spirit. About four or five of them asked to come to the front and speak on behalf of the class. Their praise and thankful hearts were incredibly touching.

We will attempt to link some video in the next few days. We had technical difficulties with the pictures and videos on this trip. We have to rely on nationals to use our phone to get footage for us. The Haitians cannot afford pricey cell-phones, and their expertise with the Apple phones is limited. But that’s ok, we will do better next time around!

The potential here I think is good. The Haitians are very intuitive by nature, so I really think they will pick up and use the material as effectively as anyone else. Pray for them that God would keep showing them ways to use their knowledge. This is so important in the learning and then training process for the future.

The drive back (we were four hours outside of Port au Prince) was good and always interesting with Charles driving. We saw another accident, most likely fatal. We thanked God we weren’t involved. It happened just about fifteen minutes before we got to the location on the road coming back. I don’t know if it was on any American news, but the other night, a Haitian bus driver accidentally hit a man (killing him), and instead of stopping, he fled with a busload of passengers. Unfortunately, it did not end well. He lost control and drove into a crowd of people marching and making merry on one of the local streets. He killed 34 people. It was heartbreaking. Needless to say, driving here is not for the faint of heart.

Please continue to pray for the Haitian pastors, and let me thank all of our GBTF donors and Coffee Club members. This work continues with your continued support. We are humbled and always grateful for what God is doing through us all.

Going out for Haitian pizza in Port au Prince tonight. Should be interesting. Coming home tomorrow!
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