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According to 2 Timothy 2, church leaders are to train other Christian leaders who will reproduce themselves continuously. We offer theological and practical ministry training to indigenous church leaders to fulfill the ministry model. We offer one-week modules of eight-hour a day sessions. Students are required to take competence exams daily to insure that they are both receiving and comprehending the material that they are taught.

GBTF offers several levels of training in Hermeneutics, Basic Theology, Expositional Preaching, and Evangelism. For national pastors who desire training in the original biblical languages, we also offer extended training in this area. When it is possible to return to teaching sites twice a year, the training can be completed in as little as three years (without languages). The training materials are translated into the host language so they can be copied and continually utilized by those who have been trained to train others perpetually. This enables continuous training and therefore ``intentional multiplication`` of pastors and other important church leaders.

Global Baptist Training Foundation Believes That:

Missions is About Training Nationals

This is a local church looking at their mission’s dollars differently.  We need to take the gospel where it has never been heard.  But in many areas of the world, native Christians simply need to be equipped and empowered. They already know the language, understand the culture, and love the people. Since 2012, Global Baptist Training Foundation has taught hundreds of indigenous pastors and church leaders in East Asia, Africa, and Haiti.

Intentional Multiplication is the Biblical Model

We train indigenous national pastors and enable these men to train other native men far more quickly and effectively. One national pastor can share their training with ten men in his church or other leaders that are raised up under his own ministry, who then can train others also. This enables exponential expansion instead of growth by mere addition.

Maximizing the Missions Dollar Dividend is Vital

Because training is all we do, the return on the mission dollars sent through Global Baptist Training Foundation offer a high return on the investment.  We strongly encourage indigenous Christians to begin immediately sharing their training with others and utilizing their training by equipping others.  When you connect by giving to GBTF, you are targeting the bulls-eye of the missions mandate.

Nationals Train Nationals Better

Westerners are no longer as respected or as welcome as they once were globally. This trend will likely not change much over the next several decades. This puts more responsibility for the evangelization and training of spiritual leaders upon the nationals. Global Baptist Training Foundation is committed to training the indigenous pastors, church leaders, and teachers as we labor together for the cause of Jesus Christ.

Taking Biblical Education To Nationals









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