I wanted to take a few minutes tonight to explain some things about Haiti that are on my heart. With the Thursday class looming I think it’s a good time to share.

Haiti is a very tough place. The people have been repressed by their own government along with the help of the international community for multiple decades. This fact along with the outright oppression of their voodoo religious heritage, and it becomes apparent that the people are are among the most desperate on the planet. Believe me it’s very easy to see, even in the classroom with pastors.

The layers and layers of frustration created by their life forces is palpable, sometimes volatile. This is true nearly everywhere you look in Haiti.
Last night, we witnessed a younger man on a motor scooter run into a young adolescent girl in the road here in the town near our teaching site. He was driving like ”Jehu” which is pretty typical here. Fortunately, the young girl was not seriously injured, just a bruised or dislocated arm. But, if this had occurred in Port au Prince, he would been beaten by the crowd, likely to death.

Because children are the only ones not yet corrupted by the Haitian way, they are firmly defended by those who have never known anything but corruption in Haiti. I know that may sound strange, but unfortunately, it’s just the way things are here. I hope it will help you to pray for these pastors. They need this training, and I believe this group of ours this week can be a building block for the classrooms to come. We have been diminished by the rain and the expenses to get to the location which some pastors did not have this time. The poverty is difficult to imagine. Your gifts not only bring them the gift of theological education but food each day of the classes as well.

We have about 37 pastors and a few women who are intent on earning their certificate of completion!

Thanks for your prayers and love,

Global Baptist Training Foundation


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