Omech Organization of Haiti

Today marks the beginning of our relationship with a group of pastors from the interior (about four hours out of the capitol) of Haiti under the direction of Charles Winsky and the Omech Organization of Haiti. Charles is a native Haitian who contacted some Baptist Churches in South Carolina for help during the Earthquake which devastated Haiti several years ago. Charles is a strong believer who runs an orphanage of 150 children. Like many in Haiti during the earthquake, he was deeply concerned about providing for the kids under his care.

We met Charles at one of those SC churches a few years ago, and, since then, their organization has asked us to train their associated pastors. They have about 150 in their group, and we are training fifty to sixty of them this week in their first training course with GBTF. We are praying to raise the necessary funding so that our next class can include all 150 pastors. Food to feed these pastors during the class is more expensive than any other country where we minister.

It has been a challenging day this Monday, the 13th of March! We are meeting in one of the hardest hit areas of Hurricane Matthew, and the church building we are meeting in does not have the finances yet to replace their storm savaged tin roof. About midway through the morning, it began to rain, at first slowly, and within the hour we were experiencing a monsoon type rain typical of the rainy season. I guess it has begun a little early this year. Our pastors were playing musical benches in an effort to escape the rain pouring in the building onto the wooden pews and the cement floor. The sound was so loud we had to suspend the teaching for about 45 minutes. We prayed the entire time that God would stop the rain and finally we were able to resume around noon. I taught for another 45 minutes and then we stopped for a quick lunchtime for the pastors. Charles has been a great translator.

We finally finished day one, and gave the men (and two women) their first quiz questions. We will collect those later this week! We want to see God give us a great number of pastors who are firmly committed to getting training so they can become trainers themselves. Finally, pray that the weather cooperates the rest of the week!

In His grip,
Global Baptist Training Foundation


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