7/16/2014 – Rwanda and Congo

We awoke this morning to another beautiful day here in Rwanda. Today is the first quiz day and so the first hour of class will be taken up with that. African students are not accustomed to the learning environment, so they simply take their sweet African time!! It is really funny once you get used to it. We also had ten more students this morning which brought our total today to about 46 students. I finished the lecture on Bibliology, and then took some questions before lunch on the charismatic movement all over again which was a carry-over from yesterday. I am still very pleased that the response has been so positive.

I can tell the pastors are being impacted by the teaching this year. It’s almost as if we have passed the credibility test, and so the level of involvement is deeper and more serious. I was also encouraged by a conversation I had with Pastor Denys today about making new contacts in other countries in Africa. I will give you more information as we move along this week. Africa has been called the last great frontier, and this means there are also immense gospel opportunities to claim.

After lunch today we began a study in Christology, I was surprised at how focused the pastors were in their learning about this area of theology.  They had a whole covey of questions after the last session, and we finally wrapped things up about four-o’clock this afternoon.

Pastor Fidele (photo attached) is the pastor of the host church here and has proven to be a wonderful translator.  He has been very encouraging to be around and is also greatly interested in learning. He is also very humble.  He has been picking us up each morning and taking us home each evening and considers it a privilege to serve Jesus in this way.  I am humbled by his spirit every day I am around him. He has a precious wife, one daughter born recently, and another child on the way.  His home and his demeanor are a testimony to all who are around him.

Well the day has been long, and it’s nearly time to turn in. Let me ask you to pray for the pastors of Rwanda today and ask God to raise up leaders among them.

Blessings from Kigali,

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