Congo 8/17/2012

Sorry for the hiatis in communication. I have been absolutely cut off from all communication until today. This Congo trip has been very difficult for me. I don’t have time tonight to tell you everything, but I will just share about the ministry. The environment here is completely different than Rwanda. The level of poverty is shocking. To drive down the streets that have not been paved since the mid sixties is unbelievable. The social scene looks like something out of the 4th world not the 3rd. However, the level of interest among the pastors is amazing. On Thursday, we had 85 pastors and about 10 woman, mostly wives. They are so deprived of ministry learning opportunuties that it boggles the mind. They are draining me dry every day. I am very tired but energized at the same time.

These men are facing severe handicaps in being able to minister in their respective places. I have been amazed at their desire to learn and to keep what they are learning. It will be necessary next year when we return to have Level Certificates for completion of material. This will need to include testing and verification of their mastery of the material. They want certification for their own sense of accomplishment and also to demonstrate to their people their competency for ministry. These first few days have been very trying. I have been sorrounded by non-English speakers 24/7 and then teaching like crazy. It makes for a very lonely life. One of the men I am staying with was trained for ministy in South Africa, and he speaks very good English. He has been very refreshing to me. Tomorrow is my last day of teaching before I preach in the open air on Saturday Afternoon and Sunday Afternoon. These meetings will draw hundreds of people, and I am asking for all to pray for me and the ministry teams. There is no way to know what God may do.

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