Graduation Day!!! Rwanda 8-2-13

This morning came too early for our entire group.  You could see the weariness upon everyone’s faces.  Five days of intense study is difficult, but today is graduation day!  In the morning we began with our last quiz, and then we wrapped up the subject with the final lesson and some last hour application of the material.

None of these men have ever had the opportunity to have had formal training in the ministry.  Whatever they have learned they have received from their mentoring pastor or family members.  In turn, they are so grateful for the teaching.  They know that they are privileged to have had the class offered to them without cost.  They don’t realize it but it is also our privilege to train them!  This is why Global Baptist Training Foundation exists! There are men all over the Third World who through no fault of their own, have no way to be educated for the ministry or the money to pay for it if they did!

At three o’clock this afternoon, we met in the auditorium of  Baptist Church to hold the graduation service for 62 pastors from Rwanda and from the nearby provinces in the state of Congo.  This is the largest class we have ever held and is now the largest graduation class.

The training of national pastors will continue to become a key aspect of mission work for churches in the west.

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