Myanmar 11.18.13 Expanded Opportunities in Myanmar

Expanded Opportunity in Myanmar

We are more than encouraged about the open door for GBTF in Myanmar.  One teaching site in this Buddhist stronghold has now blossomed to three.   Our class counts will quadruple or more as a result of these open doors.  Remember, the mission of GBTF is to equip national pastors and other church leaders so that they can be more effective in winning their nations and building strong, doctrinally sound churches.

The attached picture is of Pastor Mung, his wife, and some of their family.  They have 10 children, all of whom are involved in their ministry.  Khaul (far right in the picture) has attended Bruce’s classes for the past two years.  He arranged a one-day teaching session for both Bruce and Grace.   With almost 100 students, this one day was an amazing encouragement to us.  They were so appreciative for the teaching and so gracious in their reception of us.  Here is an email from Khaul:

Well, happy your journey and safely back home.
We would like to express our great joy made us happy too, all you Dr & Mrs Grace teaching classes, We appreciated you Dr. and Mrs Grace, your commitment for teaching Biblical Baptist faith. We can not express how we feel in the bottom of our heart. It is the need of Myanmar, the Biblical Baptist faith is very few and we some time thought that we are lonely. The Lord answered  our humble prayer and now we meet face to face.

Together with you in His grace,

Joshua Khaul
Ygn, Myanmar 

This email underscores our vision.  There are faithful, Godly servants of God in many countries without the resources we take for granted.  They often feel isolated (“lonely”) and pray for some training.  We love Khaul and his family. They are an amazing ministry family, and we count it our great privilege to be able to work with them in the future.  Please pray for the three host pastors for GBTF in Myanmar (Pastor Siama, Pastor Mung, and Pastor David).  Please pray for continued open doors into this country.  Please pray for the finances necessary to fund GBTF’s training ministry in Myanmar and other nations as well.

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