Myanmar 11.8.13 – The Children of Myanmar (Grace)

Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not.”  I have always been involved in children’s ministry – as a mother, as a pastor’s wife, as a teacher.  The children of Myanmar leave me with a great burden.  I cannot find that even the churches here are doing much to evangelize and disciple children. They have no children’s programs and no resources.

Because of the extreme poverty, many children are abandoned on the streets.  The churches have been burdened to help these children.   Most of the Baptist churches here have a children’s home associated with them.  The government does not allow churches to have orphanages – only the government is allowed to do this.  So, the pastors end up legally adopting the children.  Pastor Siama has now adopted 32 children, and 28 of them still live here on his compound that has less than half an acre.  The attached picture is the boys dorm.

Attached is also a picture of three little girls.  Their heads are shaved, and they look very sad.  They are the newest to the home here – two are sisters and the third is unrelated.  Their fathers died in a civil war in the northern part of the country.  Because their fathers had been part of a freedom force opposed to the government, their mothers were put into prison.  The children were left to fend for themselves.   These girls came lice-infested (hence, the shaved heads), covered with sores and insect bites, malnourished, and completely without hope.  They are now hearing the gospel, experiencing love, and eating regularly.

I have also attached a picture of some little boys.  They are sitting and ready for church on Sunday.  The 20 year old young man came to live here at the children’s home when he was 8 years old.  He is now surrendered to being a pastor, and he (Moya) has been in Bruce’s class this week.  He has been very diligent and passed all tests, so he will be receiving a certificate in the graduation today.

Please pray for these children.  We are planning to expand our ministry to include a children’s training program next year.  We have two ladies who have expressed an interest in accompanying us.  Pastor Siama is excited about this prospect.


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