Myanmar – Day Two of Teaching 2013

As we left for the church this morning I prayed that God would give us more than the ten men we had yesterday. When class started this morning we had our ten but by 10:00 we had thirteen men sitting in our Tuesday class. Two of the three extra men were unconverted Buddhists who decided they wanted to hear a lecture on Christianity. I didn’t know it at the time but by our first break at 10:45, I was informed about their identity. Today’s class was on Christology and this morning we discussed in detail the person of Christ. For the benefit of our two un-converted Buddhist men, I couldn’t have picked a more appropriate or timely lesson for them to hear. I was reminded by this answer to prayer that theology without a connection to the gospel is empty and useless! Grace’s class was also blessed this morning with two extra women, both of whom were also Buddhist worshippers. She was teaching on the Book of Ruth and so the two Buddhist visitors were keenly made aware of the Kinsman Redeemer in the person of Boaz. Once again, the lesson couldn’t have been better suited for the occasion.

Please pray for the visitors today that God would begin a work of grace in these precious lives. Tonight back at the hotel, we have tried for hours to get on the internet but to no avail. You probably won’t be receiving this blog until Wednesday sometime, but now you know why. The internet is about as steady here as a broken leg, but hopefully we can keep communication going throughout the week. Thanks for remembering us in prayer as we continue to teach.

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