Rwanda 8/11/2012

Today was my last session with the pastors here in Kigali. It was a very good morning. I gave them notes on both the introduction and conclusion to the sermon in the first two hours. Then in the final hour and a half, I introduced the book of James and did the opening message on trials in 1:1-12. None of the men have ever had instruction on preaching. They, for the most part, have only done what they have seen done before. No doubt, there are some of them that can do a suitable job preaching, but I’m afraid most of them struggle. The men all embraced me today and told Pastor Denys that I must come back for more sessions. This is something that we must raise money for immediately. Americans that can give superfulous funds can invest in something far greater than money can buy. Some of these men can become worthy and useful men of God. They need more training to just begin to reach their spiritual potential. Only eternity knows what the future may hold for these men of God. When we finished at noon today, Pastor Denys told the men that the next time I came, we would have many, many more at the sessions. This was simply the beginning of the work to be done. I concluded that this meant that they have much bigger plans in the days ahead. I will keep you informed about tomorrow as I preach. I know that we are going to be outside the compound tomorrow at one of the local churches. I plan on getting some rest for the next few days as we prepare for the Congo. The reports at this point are all fine. They all appear confident that dangers are quite minimal in the area we are going to be staying and teaching. All I can do is trust their knowledge and judgement.

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