Rwanda Day 2 7/30/13

Its after 7:00 o’clock here in Kilgali, Rwanda, and the day’s activities are drawing to a close.  Today was our first quiz day.  We had 55 men in class this morning who took their first quiz.  It was quite the event for all of them.  The session began with some lively African singing and prayer, and then I went over the questions for the men so they there would be a minimum of misunderstood directions and subsequent answers.  A five question quiz literally took us over an hour and a half!  I am always amazed at the number of questions that can be raised when there are language, culture, and other barriers to cross.  It is truly amazing and requires the patience of Job.

The session ended this afternoon at 4:30  with the preparation of the men for tomorrow morning’s second quiz.  I guess I am a glutton for punishment.  The great takeaway from today is the sheer joy of knowing that the investment of time and effort into these men’s lives will bear eternal dividends.  I pray constantly that God would raise up many of them for greater and more effective Christian service.  Some of them show great potential, great leadership qualities, and there are some about which you simply cannot tell.  But it is worth every cent of physical and financial investment.  One of my students, a pastor, had the honor of representing this group of churches in a government office with Rwandan officials today.  He is bright, articulate, and has the joy of Jesus Christ all over him.  We can only ask God to raise up more young pastors like him who God can use to change Rwanda and the continent of Africa.

Tomorrow will be another grueling day of teaching.  Please pray for strength and wisdom for me.  Just like last year, the men pepper me with constant questions about ministry and particular issues they face in their churches.  I am always amazed at the number of ways in which they are like us westerners.  Their churches reflect similar issues and problems we all face.  One of the prevailing problems among them however is the poverty in which they live and labor for the Lord.  But you would never tell it by their faces.  The joy of Jesus constantly lights their countenances.  They don’t complain, they just keep going.  Their testimonies are always about how God is blessing them and meeting their needs in supernatural ways.  They know the power of God and never seem to tire of their battles.  I wish that we all could live like that!

Time for something to eat, and then its bedtime.

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