Rwanda Week One Reflections 8-4-13

Rwandan Wrap-Up for Week One of Africa Classes.
Grace has told you of the new plans for next week’s classes here in Africa.  Akeem left this morning by private car for the Congo class. The class is expected to be a large one, possibly well over a hundred pastors from a hundred mile radius of Bagira!
On Monday I will begin the new class in Komeni, a large city/village outside of Kigali, for at least 55 pastors.  In case you were counting the number of pastors that will potentially be trained in this two-week Africa trip, it is staggering.  We will have trained over two-hundred African pastors in Africa during this two-week period.  We are so humbled and grateful that God has allowed us to impact this many pastors on the continent of Africa.  I hope that you will pray for all of the teachers this week as we labor long and hard in training men and answering questions.
Next year, Pastor Denys has asked me not to return without Grace.  He wants her to conduct the first woman’s training class in Kigali!  We are already making those plans.
 There are hundreds of pastors all over the 10-40 window who need to be trained for more effective ministry in the most populated regions of the globe.  Would you pray for us?  Would you go to our website and give online through Ocean State Baptist Church so that our efforts can be multiplied?  Thank-you for praying with us on our first completed week here in Africa.  Week two begins Monday!
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