3/19/2015 – from Kalemyo, Myanmar

I rejoiced when I got up this morning and saw that Pete and Marta had finally received their visas. Thank you Coffee Club for praying and being a part of that need being met. It has been an unusual series of events for all of us going to Myanmar this year. In earlier years, the visas arrived early with no delays. This year has been a nail-biter for all of us. I really don’t know how to explain the reason for it. Thankfully, they have all arrived.

Wednesday and Thursday classes are now completed. It has been a grueling two days teaching for six hours in the heat. The afternoon sessions have been hard on everyone, even the locals. Today, as I was teaching, I accidentally knocked over some sound equipment, and it made such a commotion that no one was fatigued any longer!

Tomorrow is graduation day for our Kalemyo students. In order to maintain the integrity of the class and the material, we have made it mandatory for everyone to have been in attendance all week, complete all the quizzes, and demonstrate an understanding of the course material . This is normal for our classes, but there have been some pastors who couldn’t stay because of urgent pastoral duties. Our graduating class will be very happy when we finish tomorrow!

Last night I had the opportunity to meet the parents and sister of one of our Myanmar friends from our home town in Viera, Florida. Grace has shared his story with some pictures in a blog, and it has been an amazing series of events which brought us together. Tonight I had dinner with them, and Sunday night I am asked to be a guest in their home. I am thrilled to be able to get to know them a little better. Sing, their son had some Florida gifts that I was able to deliver to them, and it was extraordinary privilege to be able to do that for him and for them. It’s astounding the things that God does in the course of serving Him. Who would know that Sing from our local grocery would have parents just minutes away from the church I would be teaching in halfway around the globe? Who would know that his parents have been praying for Godly Christians to befriend their son in Viera, Florida?

Thanks again to all of our Global supporters who make this ministry possible. Since I have been gone on this trip we have received three more legitimate requests for training in Haiti, India, and the Philippines. God is great and only He can supply the need as we continue to expand.


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