3/25/2015 – Orphans

Pete has sent some pictures of the children that Pastor Siama and his wife, Nutae, have adopted. We have told you, in previous years, that they cannot open an orphanage due to government regulations. So, they must personally adopt these children and raise them as their own – feed them, clothe them, educate them, everything. Not only do most of these children come to know the Lord, but their lives are literally saved as well!

In every country where GBTF ministers, there are orphans. The churches are all trying to provide places for these children to be raised with love and teaching about the Heavenly Father who promised to be a Father to the fatherless.

Here are some of the pictures and insights from Pete:

These bags of rice the girls are sitting on really is the main stay of all their food supply.

This little boy is passing over the concrete bridge between the house and the other part of the property where the animals are. The area below this has run off from the septic system. The children know where to go and not to go. They are very intelligent. In the background the dog and the goats happily eat old rice together.

Marta and this girl both have ducklings to cuddle. They are being stored in the wooden baptistry at the moment. Maintaining a small supply of livestock allows for more that just rice in the diet. Expanding the goat population will be a boom to the home.

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