3/26/2015 – Little is Much When God is in It

We are nearly finished with our third week of teaching in Myanmar, and I must admit I am wearying in the journey. We labored hard today teaching the last section of the doctrine of salvation, and I hope the pictures and videos are helpful. I am forever reminded here of the value of communication. When things are spoken clearly, people understand. If the idea from either the teacher or translator is muddled, the result is not profitable. So much depends on accurate communication! This is true in life in general but it is magnified a thousand times in teaching situations like this. We are thankful that God has continually, in each country where GBTF offers theological education, provided excellent translators. Pastor Siama, shown in pictures here, is an exceptional translator.

Our class has been small this week, but, regardless of the number being taught, the effort must be the same. There is no way of knowing whether or not you might be teaching another “Timothy” or another “Titus.” God can take just one of these church leaders or pastors and use them beyond what we may think possible. This is why God has simply commanded us that “It is required of a man to be found faithful.” On occasions, that may be what makes the difference. A shoe salesman by the name of Kimball was faithful to witness to his shoe salesman employee by the name of Dwight Moody. The world was changed by this “English butchering” New Englander in the nineteenth century.

Tomorrow we will have our smallest graduation class here in Yangon at Independent Baptist Church, but our prayer for these men remains the same. We are asking God to duplicate our efforts through these men by training others with the written, translated material in their native tongue. That will translate into “additions through multiplication.” May God bless our human efforts with divine results for the sake of Myanmar, Adoniram Judson’s land.

Stay faithful,

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