7/18/2014 – Rwanda and Congo – 3

Today is graduation day from Theology I01-1. For the vast majority, if not all of these pastors, this is the first time in their lives they have had an opportunity at getting any kind of meaningful ministry preparation. We taught until about 11:00 this morning when we took a short break for a short meeting among the pastors. After the meeting, we came back together for the official graduation service. Watching all of these fifty-two pastors walk forward to receive their second certificate from GBTF was memorable. Each of them have a story, along with a difficult ministry.

Just today, I talked with one pastor who lives up in a northern part of Rwanda who pastors a village church of about 400 people. I couldn’t help wondering about how he manages to feed all of these people with absolutely no training in his life. Then I wondered how much better he might be equipped now. Several times this week, we have heard testimony from a pastor about how much more effective they have been this past year. I look forward to seeing what God will continue to do in their lives. Some of these testimonies are on the website. I hope you will take time to listen to these men in ministry.

Today, Pastor Baraka from the Congo arrived at the Baptist compound to spend the evening before accompanying me back to the DRC in the morning. I had arranged for him to drive up to pick me up and take me down in a private car. Guess what? He arrived by bus! I am taking another excursion on the Rwandan bus tomorrow. You may not remember the first year I was on the bus, I nearly asked the driver to stop and let me out in the Conglolese forest! Unfortunately my chances at survival with the lowland Gorillas and wild critters would have been reduced instead of the other way around. But, at 4:30 am tomorrow I will make my way to the bus station with my Congolese travel agent and “fly by bus” down to the province of Bucavu, Congo. I will touch base as soon as I can get back on the internet. Keep praying!

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