7/20/2014 – Rwanda and Congo – 2

Yesterday, I was able to visit the Rwandan Genocide Memorial. I can’t begin to tell you how it broke my heart to tour this facility. I have known about the Rwandan Genocide. Bruce has told us that all of the pastors he teaches were, in some way, affected by this atrocity. But now I understand even more how devastating this Genocide was. In 1994 (within 100 days), over a million people were butchered simply because of the tribe into which they were born. Outside forced stirred up hatred between two tribes that had coexisted peacefully. Not only did they kill men, women, children, even infants, they killed them in as painful and humiliating ways as possible – with machetes, by bashing the children against a wall, by slashing people’s thighs and then dropping into a septic tank and pushing them back down until they died from the bacteria infecting their wounds. Even worse things that I won’t write.

Now, 20 years later, this nation is still very much in the healing stage. They still find mass graves with hundreds of skeletons on a regular basis. The security in the country is still very tight for fear of terrorism (see attached picture I sneaked of a mall guard)!

This definitely sets the tone for the teaching. Tomorrow, I will be teaching the women about inductive Bible study using the woman with the issue of blood from the gospels. I am praying that her testimony will help those women that still have “issues” to turn for help from the only One who can truly heal!!

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