7/22/2014 – Rwanda and Congo – 2

I shouldn’t be, but I am always amazed anew as I watch women around the world react and respond to the Word of God. It is such an amazement to watch the tears, the praise, and receive the thanks from these women for helping them learn to “rightly divide the Word of Truth.”

Once again today, I have been asked to extend my classes through the afternoon. Many women have changed their bus tickets to stay longer, and the host church has offered them facilities and food through tomorrow morning. Amazing!! We will end today with Esther. We have studied and modeled three separate Bible study methods and then given the women time to try them for themselves.

I am attaching our class pictures. A few of the women were not in this photo because they had walked to the market on the break, but you can see most of the happy faces and beautiful African clothes!!

I did an interesting survey today. Bruce and I are often asked why we don’t just Skype our lessons. It would be much less expensive and inflict much less wear and tear on us. We are not convinced that this would be nearly as effective as our personal presence is. Having made these trips over and over, we see that they are very thankful that we have sacrificed to come to them! Today, I further understood why, at this point in time, Skype and electronic communication is not sufficient. I asked the ladies:
1. Do you own a computer?
2. Do you know how to use a computer?
3. Do you have access to a computer if you don’t own one?

The answer to all three questions was the same – ZERO!! I’m totally serious.

Just keep praying for the finances for GBTF to continue doing what we are doing!!!

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