10/24/2017 – A GBTF Milestone

We have told you about the exciting week of training last week in Rwanda.  Ten of the most capable pastors from the past five years of pastor training, have been chosen to take  more in depth training to be able to teach our GBTF materials themselves!  We will be able to hold regional classes throughout Rwanda that will be taught by Rwandans!  We will keep you posted as this group completes their own training and we are able to schedule classes they teach and we oversee!

We still have no definitive word on the Togo class next month.  We are waiting to hear from both the US State Department and our local host pastor before making a final decision.
We are preparing for a new class in Haiti in December.  This is our third group in Haiti.  We ask that you continue to pray for one of our hosts, our friend, Charles Winsky.  He is still in prison as far as we know.

We are attaching some pictures of the training in Rwanda last week!  Thank you for the layers of support that you have given Global Baptist Training Foundation!

Grace N. Snavely, MEd
Global Baptist Training Foundation

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