12/04/17 Haiti Class Underway

As usual, getting information out of Haiti is no easy task.  Electricity is at a premium, so wifi is even more sparse!  However, the class is underway, and we even have a few pictures of church on Sunday and the first day of class.  Dr. Bill Smith is co-teaching this week.  We are so grate for him and for Temple Baptist Church in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, for their support of this class with a new group of pastors and students.  This is the third class site for GBTF in Haiti. Here is Bruce’s update:

I’ts Monday morning, and we are getting ready to head out to the teaching site, a church about 5 miles from our guest quarters.  Yesterday was a busy day for both Bill and me.  We spoke in separate churches, and then I preached again last night to a church group of one of the Haitian pastors nearby who runs a day school, an orphanage, and a growing church.
Last night we went to bed with the electricity running on the inverter system.  It’s a battery system that charges when the electricity is on so that when it shuts off you can still operate on a low level.  The low level means no AC in the bedrooms.  So we tossed and turned until about three o’clock this morning when the main diesel generator came back on.  Consequently, we will start the week a little drained.
As usual, we expect a full class this morning of bible institute students from one of the churches, about thirty pastors, and then a small group of other church leaders among them.  They have planned for about sixty total.  I am excited about the prospects of this group because none of them have had solid theological preparation for ministry.  It is incredible what sort of unbiblical teaching, behavior, and ministry practice this invites into churches.
Pray for us this week as we teach and train both the existing pastors and the new generation of Bible students we are influencing.  Haiti’s spiritual future rests upon their ability to move and multiply the gospel into the future.  To do this they need the confidence that they can do it.  This confidence comes from knowing the God of Scripture and resting on a solid theological foundation  which cannot be moved.
Today we begin….
Pictures: Bruce preaching on Sunday, Bill Smith riding to class in the back of a truck, students riding to class, first day of class in Haiti

Grace N. Snavely, MEd
Global Baptist Training Foundation

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