12/09/17 Haiti Graduation December 2017

Have you ever dreamed of actually being in heaven?  Sometimes when we are in the midst of a tough experience or trial we might wish we were already there.  But today, that was not the case.  It was during the graduation service held for our 32 graduates here in Port au Prince.  The men, and a few woman, were singing.  It was a congregational song, one I had never heard before, and it was being sung in French.  I’m not kidding, the song lifted me to places I seldom visit in worship.  It was pure, it was loud, but it had the ring of heaven to it like few things I have heard.  I wanted it to continue and never stop!

Our graduates today were as happy and gratified as I have witnessed in the past six years of teaching nationals around the world.  They worked hard this week. Two or three of our students did not cross the finish line in time to graduate.  The rule is that all four of the given quizzes have to be taken and graded before graduation is possible.  Unfortunately, some had not completed them in time, but there was no complaining.  The others who had completed the requirements walked across the platform, relished the occasion, and thanked God for their accomplishments.  Just take a look at their faces in the attached pictures!!

Now they are anticipating the next scheduled class.  Our host was considering late March, so we will see., I thank God for yet another great host here in Haiti.  Pastor Seide is a man who treasures what God is doing and wants to see more of it going on.  May God grant his desire and ours to train national pastors in Haiti.  So what exactly is missions?  If you bring our Lord’s commission down to it’s most basic essential, we might just say it like this: Train the Nationals!  Why?  Because they already know the language, understand their culture, and love their people.  May God bless this work at GBTF!

In His Grip,


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