04/01/2017 – Haiti Videos

We have finally gotten the video clips from Haiti in a format where we can get them to you!  The video links are below so that you can watch them when you are ready.   We grew to love this group of pastors and church leaders in this nation that has had such a difficult path.  We are working to raise money to be able to return to Haiti, and other countries, twice a year rather than our current once a year.  Please pray for these fundraising efforts!

If you have followed us, you know that we have had an unusually busy teaching season.  For the next two weeks, we are blessed to be able to take a vacation, our first in three years.  We have probably shared before that we have a ministry lodge in Maui where we can stay every two years.  When you get your plane tickets free with air miles, all the sudden you have a vacation you could never afford otherwise!  we are incredibly thankful for this chance to rest and get ready to begin again with Rwanda in July, Liberia in September, Togo in October, etc….
Haitian Pastors Studying
Singing on Graduation Afternoon
Lunchtime during Haiti Class March 2017
Haitian Market
Haitian Market (2)
Preaching in a Haitian Church
Thank you from Haiti
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