07/05/2018 Rwanda 2018 Begins

Bruce departs today for the seventh class in Kigali Rwanda.  55-65 pastors will then be just one class from completing our level one curriculum (equivalent to the Bible and theological portion of an undergraduate Bible college education)!  That last class may be as early as October, 2018.   After that, the pastors will have the choice to continue with level two of our curriculum.  The majority, if not all, of them will make the choice to continue studying and then multiplying themselves.  The course next week will be on expository preaching.   Look for some brief video clips to show you how much they are growing in their knowledge of the Word of God as well as their skill for practical ministry.

  • RWANDA – Who experienced an unspeakable genocide in 1994 while the world turned away.
  • RWANDA – Where a million people died in a three month period, most by machete.
  • RWANDA – Where GBTF began training national pastors in 2012.
  • RWANDA – Where GBTF has a strong program training pastors’ wives.
  • RWANDA – Where the opportunity is wide open to place 28 teachers in Baptist high schools each year.
  • RWANDA – Where Kelsey Simoneau has already spent one academic year in a pilot program teaching Bible and conversational English with an ultimate goal of evangelization and encouraging the younger generation to consider ministry.
  • RWANDA – Where the annual youth congress reaches 18-35 year old’s in an effort to get more of them to surrender to a life of ministry.
  • RWANDA – Where ten pastors are training to becomes trainers using GBTF materials and where regional theological training will begin next year taught for Rwanda church leaders BY Rwandans.
  • RWANDA – Where we leave a piece of our hearts each time we depart and where we have seen a preview of Heaven where some from every tribe, language, and tongue will sing before the throne of God as one.



Please pray for this class in the heart of Africa!  Updates to come from Kigali!



Bruce and Grace Snavely

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