07/08/2018 – Rwandan Blessings and Problems

Rwanda 2018 has begun!  I always dread the long flights, but that part is over and my first day is about complete.  I began the day by preaching in the morning service for Pastor Fidele’s,  my translator, church.  I preached from Mark 5 on the story of Jairus.  His story shows us what genuine believing looks like.  I will share this in in a week or so with all of our personal blog readers.  Please look for it.  The service today was very well attended and they had several who joined the church after the message.
The year has not started well for the Rwandans.  Heavy spring rains were brutally long and hard this year. It rained non-stop for the months of March and April, and then continued into June for the first two weeks.  The results were devastating in several areas.  Over one hundred people were killed on the hillsides sorrounding this beautiful city.  Houses literally collapsed and washed down the hillsides with people in them.
The church compound was also affected on the grounds here.  The office building dropped 8-10 inches on the rear of it, and there are collapsed floors and walls along the back property.   It will take some time before they can recover.  They don’t have insurance!  If possible I would like to bring a team with me in October so they can build and repair while I train the pastors!
The union of churches is also under stress from new government building and educational standards.  All of Rwanda‘s churches are now required to provide “proper” rest room facilities for men and woman in all the churches of every denomination.  Those who don’t immediately comply must close until standards are met.  Fortunately, only 2-3 of the 60 Baptists churches in this group have been affected.
The second government standard is an educational standard for all pastors.  This will be mandated by January of 2019.  It is no coincidence that in October of this year, we will complete level one of the Biblical and theological training that started six years ago this month!  When the pastors finish the October class, all of those who have taken all the seven classes and passed them will receive a GBTF diploma for Level One instruction to satisfy the governent demands for theological training.
Only the Lord could have orchestrated the training GBTF offers to have coincided with this unforseen government requirement exactly at the time of these pastors completing their level one studies!  Please pray that the government will recognize GBTF and the training standards we uphold.  We believe and pray they will, but we cannot assume anything without prayer, especially with government!
Please also add the course on preaching this week to your prayer list.  Communicating the Word of God is the primary purpose for training so this class is extra important.
Thank-you for praying and giving to GBTF!  You matter and this great work of God matters too!  May God bless all of our efforts this week and beyond.
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Blessings from Kigali!
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