01/19/21 – Liberia 2021 kicks off!

Armed with a negative Covid test, Bruce took off for Liberia. When he arrived, he experienced chaos and long lines. After about 2 hours in the airport (after already traveling for 27 hours), he had to pay for and take a new Covid test. When that test was negative, he was finally released.

He was able to preach on Sunday morning, and has now completed the first two days of a class in Gbarnga with 70 pastors in attendance. This group of pastors is nearing the end of their Level 2 training. This means they have had 14 week long classes (about 45 hours of instruction for each week)!   They were more than excited to be back in class!
The pastors in GBTF classes in Liberia have been on the forefront of church planting as funded by ADVANCE, our church planting partner.  These pastors have gone beyond that first effort, however, and have begun to plant new churches with no outside funding. They are even part of the process of training the new pastors using the materials from their own GBTF classes. To date, over 130 new churches have been planted through GBTF pastors in the past 36 months. And they are continuing!
Next week is a pastors’ conference with 500 Liberian pastors!  Watch for more updates!
Preparing lunch in Gbarnga
Singing before class:
Studying in Gbarbga:
Welcoming the teacher back:
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