01/22/2021 Graduation Day in Gbarnga, Liberia

The teaching week here in Gbarnga ended today with a total of 70 Liberians graduating from the latest level two classroom.  Our study this week was in the New Testament book of Acts, and it proved to be a challenge to work through the entire 28 chapters in just five days!  I took a picture of the syllabus so you might see this part of the process.  I just send an electronic file to our host, and he had a local print shop copy anywhere from 75 to 100 booklets, one for each student.  Believe me, these notes are treasured by these pastors.  Many of them live in the bush or jungle and seldom have real opportunity to get into a larger center where they have access to books, especially Biblical commentaries. These pastors have a shelf full of resources from their GBTF classes!

Today was simply one of those graduation days that was just a little more special than normal.  First of all, this is the first classroom in Liberia in a year.  That is a long time without contact!  Second, we had several new pastors and some new visitors from two new church plants recently started.  Imagine, new leaders from new churches coming out for their first foray into solid ministry training among our 70 graduates!
Today I noticed that these pastors are beginning to sense how big their God really is.  They are beginning to realize the immensity of what He is doing among them, and that is enough to keep any professor coming to train them.  What a privilege to be involved in the greatest work in the world which will count for so much in eternity!  Thank you for praying and giving to GBTF.
After speaking this weekend in churches, I have been invited to speak to a large gathering of church leaders and others here in the capital this coming week on church growth and personal Christian development.  I covet your prayers that God would give us all a great conference together.
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