03/15/2021 Liberia second class

The second class on the southern coast of Liberia started today in the city of Buchanan.  This is the second of 14 classes each of these pastors will be required to complete in order to graduate with their Level 1 and Level 2 certificates.  Today was a travel day for many of the men so we will have a much better idea of our total number by Tuesday.  I stood before them today and gave them what I call the standard speech.  Let me translate.  They are told that they are the most important players in the task of Liberian-wide evangelism and church planting.

They serve the same God we do and I emphasize to them that God will mightily use them and bless them beyond what we can ask or think.  Case in point:  Liberian trained pastors through GBTF training have started 120 brand new churches in the last 40 months.  They have taken the theological training and encouragement and stepped out and trusted our great God themselves and found Him to be sufficient!  We are the lucky ones to be part of their success.
Pray for the men in this picture who are busy writing down their quiz questions for the night.  I’m sure they feel persecuted!
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