03/22/2021 Liberia 2nd trip concludes with new beginnings

We have safely returned by car to the capitol today from the Southeast after a grueling 14 hour drive.  The trip included being stuck in the jungle mud for several hours before finally getting out and continuing our journey west to the capital.  We were on muddy dirt roads aggravated by two days of early rainy season downpours for 10 hours.  Other than our host James Togba, we have never seen anything like this in all our lives.  Without James’ herculean (he chopped a path through the forest with a machete so we could get around all the cars and trucks that were stuck and blocking any forward progress) efforts to get us safely home, we might be still stranded in the jungle mud!

I am pleased to say that Samaritan’s Purse agreed to fly me back on Wednesday morning and back out on Friday afternoon.  It was a wonderful answer to prayer, but  after reviewing the initial turnout from Monday in this remote area all of the leadership agreed that the class required another year of development with a GBTF return in 2022.  This was a difficult decision for our team, but the extra few days in Monrovia helping our East African GBTF trainer Fidele Shinga will be a great help to him being prepared.   In the next two months Fidele, who speaks five languages and several dialects, will host his first four solo classrooms in Kenya and Tanzania.  As soon as the border opens to the Congo (DRC), he will begin a class there.  This is what GBTF is all about:  training nationals to train nationals!
We thank God for you and for this great work.
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