08/26/2018 Liberia, Rwandan building repair, and a Phone Charger

Bruce is in Liberia for his second classroom this year.  He has arrived in rainy season, and the roads are not good! This morning he preached in one of thirty-four churches that have been started in the past fourteen months through our GBTF pastors and the funding of Advance. What a great partnership!  Bruce has now been privileged to preach in four of these church plants whose pastors are his students!  The church where he preached today is one year old, running about 75 in attendance, and thriving.  Six people accepted Christ at this morning’s service.  Great start to an exciting week!
We have been telling you about a project we have begun to raise money to help the church in Kigali, Rwanda, repair their badly damaged building.  To date we have received cash or pledges for $ 6000 of the $10,000.   We have another pledge but do not know the amount. Our goal is to take this money when we return to Rwanda in October.
Bruce’s phone charger does not seem to be working. Not only is his phone his communication, it is his camera, his Bible, etc.  He has asked prayer that he can get another charger tomorrow.
More updates soon on all these and, hopefully, some pictures as well!

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