08/28/2018 Gbarnga, Liberia

We have finished up our second full class day.  Yesterday we had 78 pastors.  Today we topped out at 82.  The room doesn’t have a chair left and it is truly packed out!  This is the largest class of pastors we have taught to date.  The men who have come this week clearly want the training GBTF offers.
I told the men yesterday as we began the class that GBTF does not intend to come to Liberia forever.  Our plan is to so adequately train the indigenous leaders that they will be able to duplicate the training on their own.  I said we will always be available for more training but our goal is to equip them as nationals to effectively reach their own people.
 One of the most signficant things about this class is how determined the host is about these pastors not just getting equipped for ministry but becoming equippers themselves.  This is Pastor Togba’s passion.  I talked with a pastor today who had been teaching GBTF materials in his church and his leadership for several months now.  This is a pattern among many of them.
We are thrilled to see God’s hand on these efforts.  I will provide another update on Friday as we finish our fourth graduation service in Gbarnga, Liberia!  Stay with us!
Bruce’s Intro Video
Singing to Begin Class

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